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Maker's Desk

Cyber Physical Systems, the principle behind all smart cities and connected enviornment. The debate surrounding cyber physical system has therefore gained increased practical importance for politics, business and social issues, and is linked to political work issues for community development, new changes in the practical business approaches, effective opportunities for organizations in operational and business process development, with effect on internal and external efficiency of IT to name a few. Get ready for Maker’s Desk, a 24 hour hackathon.


The participants will also be provided with water, food, power points, stationery and Wi-Fi.

Registration Fee: ₹250 per Head

The shortlisted participants should pay the above registration fee on the day of the event.

Shortlisting via phone interview.


1. The team size should not exceed 3 members.

2. Cross - college teams are allowed.

3. The project must be built from scratch.

4. Pre-programmed devices are not permitted.

5. The participants are not allowed to leave the venue until the event is concluded.

6. The contestants are expected to bring project specific components (sensors, actuators, jumpers etc), tools (soldering iron, wire strippers etc) and laptops.

7. The evaluation will be based on the degree of completion, technical complexity and innovativeness of the project.

8. Inappropriate conduct of the team will result in immediate disqualification.

9. The components provided by the organizers should be returned undamaged upon event conclusion. Damage to provided components and properties must be reimbursed.

10. The decision made by the judges shall be final.

11. The shortlisted participants must be present at the venue by 9:00am on the day of the event.

Contact :

Atif : 9746721737 , Abhiram :9447983482