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Nutmeg, Roulette and dribble your opponents in the name of the beautiful game - A knockout football tournament in the most beautiful way. Players can register exclusively for this event at the venue. Form into groups of three and and rule yourselves on the field !

Event Format

The matches will be played in the knockout format.

The teams can register exclusively for this event at the venue.

Each team that wins a match will be qualified to play the next match.

At the end there will be 8 teams qualifying for the quarter round.

From then we have the quarter finals, semi finals and the final match..

Registration- 300/-


1.Each team consists of 3 players plus 1 substitutes. Substitutes are not necessary.

2.Each team must register at the registration desk.

3.Match length is 14 minutes, two halves of 7 minutes each.

4.If a player misbehaves or violates the rules and regulations, a yellow card or red card will be shown . If a yellow card is shown it’s a warning to the player. If a second yellow is shown it will lead to a red card and the player must leave the field immediately. The player won’t be allowed to play the current match. A substitution is allowed in place of him. A direct red card may be shown by the referee at some crucial points of the game which leads to the above mentioned procedures.

5.The team which scores the maximum goal at end will win the match. If the game ends in a tie, we move on to penalty shootout where each team gets 3 penalties. Penalties should be taken by the players who were currently on the field. If penalty shootout leads to a tie, then we proceed to sudden death.

6.Each half of the game will start with a kick-off from the center of the field.

7.Referee should toss a coin to decide ends and kick off. After a goal is scored the game will be restarted by the opposing team from the center spot.

8.Any ball kicked above 4 ft results in a free kick against the offending team to be taken from where the ball was kicked.When any free kick is awarded, all players from the infringing team must be at least 1 meter away from where the ball is placed.

9.Rolling substitution is allowed in the match. The substitute must get on to the field only after the substituting player had left the field.

10.Organizers reserve the right to make decisions in case of conflicts and other issues.

11.There are no offside rules.

12.Headers are not allowed.

13.Hand ball will lead to a free kick.

14.If a defending player touches the ball while he is partially or fully inside the penalty box then the other team will get a penalty which will be taken from the center.

15.The decisions taken by the referee will be final.

16.If a player misbehaves in or out the field his team can be disqualified.

17.All teams must register with a team name and list of team members and are supposed to pay the registration fees.

18. A team can re-register if the team is out of the tournament at any stage of the group matches. A team cannot be registered once all the group rounds are over.

19.A player from a team cannot move to another team during the time of the tournament. A team must play with the team members registered.

20.Fixture will be decided by the organising committee.

Contact :

Fawas :9605064614 , Shamil:9847889799


The doors have opened. It's time to hunt for the treasure.


The preliminary round is in the form of a paper test conducted inside the college.

Consecutive rounds The rest of scavenger hunt will comprise a complete treasure hunt conducted in various rounds and a vast span of area in and around university campus. These rounds conducted in a span of one day will comprise of eliminations and the successful team moves on to the next round. A team has to survive through all these rounds till the end to find the Treasure.


1. Each team must comprise of 4 members.

2. The participants must carry their valid id cards at each round of the game.

3. Teams clearing the 1st round should report at the place announced before the time deadline.

4. Failing to report at the specified time will be considered a disqualification.

5. Picking up fights with other teams or the authority will lead to disqualification of the team.

6. Since the event is scheduled for two days the participants clearing the first day must look after the arrangements for their accomodation on their own.

7. Each round has its own set of rules and participants are strictly advised to stick to those rules and instructions.

8. Any malpractice during the event will lead to disqualification of the team.

9. The decision of the authority on any matter will be final.

Contact :

Riswan:9400817387 , Naseeb: 9744757732


Be the michaelangelo and make something out of nothing. Create the most artistic thing out of the junk all throughout the campus and win the competition, even the hearts.


With a time limit of 5 hours collect and create the most beautiful thing from the wastes and junks all throughout the university area.


1.Team of 4 is required for this event.

2.Cross college teams are allowed.

3.Teams are given time for collection and installation of 5 hours in which a 30 mins of break is included.

4.Gloves and tissues will be provided by the organisers .

5.Less the leftover junk more the marks, more the junks used more the marks.

6.All the decisions are taken by the judgement panel

7.Other rules will be explained on-site.

Registration fees: 200 /-

Contact :

Sooraj: 9633567652 , Akhil das: 7736811982

Football Manager

Does football blood run in your vein ?

Then it’s time for your game.Be a football manager for a day and win over every other managers with all your skills,knowledge and mentality as a manager. Maybe you can be the heir of great SAF, Pep or Zidane.


Round 1:THE KNOWLEDGE : The preliminary round include a written test consisting of objective questions.10 teams will be shortlisted from this round.

Round 2: RULES AND REGULATION : The 10 teams will go up against each other in an audio-visual quiz and a practical quiz from which top 5 teams will advance to the final two rounds. Teams will be awarded points based on their performance.

Round 3: MY SQUAD : The 5 top teams from the quiz round will face an auction of players to form a team in the final round. Teams will be awarded points based on the strength of the team they form..

Round 4: BEAT 'EM :In the final round, the top 4 teams will be pitched against each other in a game of FIFA in the league format. Teams will be awarded points as per their performance in the league. The team with the most points accumulated over the last three rounds will be the winners of the event.

Points Weighting

In decreasing order of points weighting:

Round 3: MY SQUAD

Round 4: BEAT 'EM (FIFA)


Registration: 150/-


1. Teams of 2 members are allowed.

2. Cross-college teams are allowed..

3. The contest is open to all age groups.

4. The organizers reserve all rights to disqualify any team for using unfair means at any stage of the event..

5. In case of any discrepancies, decision of the coordinators shall be considered final and binding for all the teams.

6. Additional rules will be provided by the organizers onsite.

7. Any violation of the rules provided by the organizers, will lead to immediate disqualification.

8. The judges' decision will be final.

9. Rules are subject to change at any point in time.

10. Participants will be duly notified of any changes.

Contact :

Saleh:9567556438 , Sayanth: 8136967868