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Want to dance your way to greatness? Show your freestyle moves through a medley of songs. So gear up to conquer the dance world and let your legs do the rest of the talking.


1.It’s a competition of 2 rounds.

2.An individual competition.

3.1st round- duration of 3 mins, no properties allowed.

4.2nd round- selected participants would be given a property with a duration of 5 mins.

5.Music or song would be played on spot for both the rounds.

6.Vulgarity or any other malpractices can result in disqualification.

Contact :

Anju : 8281660876 , Ajmal : 7559828226

Group Dance

Come , See and Conquer the greatest dance battling show in the best university of Kerala. Team up and dance it out on the open air arena in front of 6000 people and let your team conquer the night of fest.


1. Music length: Maximum 8 mins with an additional 2 mins to set up stage.

2. Number of participants (size of the crews): 5-30.

3. All dancers must start on stage and remain on stage during the entire performance.

4. Choreography must be western dance style.

5 Any safe props allowed (no fire or pyrotechnics allowed under any circumstances); Backdrops, scenery are permitted provided they can be carried on, set up and removed within 15 seconds of being called on to the stage or at the completion of the performance.

6. Attire may include accessories such as hats, caps, gloves, scarves, jewelry, etc. Removing pieces of clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of character. Clothing that is too short, suggestive or inappropriate for the age of the performer is not allowed.

7. Each team will be evaluated by the judges on the following criteria: skills, street presentation, musicality, performance, creativity. It is particularly important for the participants to stick with street dance styles.

8. Judges decision will be final.

Contact :

Anju : 8281660876 , Ajmal : 7559828226